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Contact in Chile

Michel Raich & Marisa Munoz
VII Region Chile
Tel.: +56 972 88 64 57

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Horseback Riding in Chile

We are a Chilean-Swiss couple offering a wide range of holiday attractions, from adventurous horseback treks to relaxing retreats at our spacious hacienda. We work with experienced locals and friends. We are located in a small valley, about four hours south of Santiago, in a region of central Chile that appeals to many tastes and preferences. No matter if you are travelling alone, with friends, or family, the Rari Valley has a lot to offer and is well worth the stay. Our guided horseback trips range from outings that last a few hours to fully equipped overnight riding treks in the Andes. We can tell you where the Pacific is best for surfing, which markets, fiestas and wine farms to visit. Or maybe you just want to kick back and relax at a home away from home or take a few days off while travelling the country – our part of Chile is still surprisingly unspoiled by tourism, even though the local authorities are always coming up with new marketing ideas. Our hacienda is spread out over 1,5 hectares of fertile land and includes a coffee shop and art gallery, our workshop offers a choice selection of locally made arts & crafts as well as a number of agricultural products we grow ourselves. We aren't running a large holiday resort, just a well-kept cottage that we rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

We speak German, English, Spanish.