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Individual Arrangements, Trekking in the Andes, Horseback Adventure Trips



Chile is an ideal country for travelling, with a vast variety of scenery and a friendly people. Our region is virtually untouched by tourism, thus offering an authentic slice of Chilean culture and way of life. The climate here is Mediterranean-like, and our little valley is a fine base for venturing out and exploring the regions of central Chile. Public transportation facilities are easy to reach and will bring you to the cities as well as to the far ends of the most remote valleys. Whatever your fancy – be it traditional markets, rural summer fiestas, wine tasting, a trip to the Pacific coast, a visit to a hot springs resort, horseback riding, fishing or just relaxing on a shady veranda, enjoying a BBQ or dozing poolside – our motto is always: "All in good time."

Our Offers

When making individual arrangements, you live in our cozy cottage and plan your stay according to your own needs & preferances.

Horseback treks are available for a minumum of 2 participants, with a maximum of 6 persons possible. We run them from the middle of November to the end of February. Please inquire for the exact dates.

Horseback and adventure holidays include a riding trek of 2 - 4 days that we put together for you individually. If you'd like to stay longer you can combine that with a holiday agenda of your own while staying at our cottage.